Keto Analysis:
Fats 72.4g | Protein 62.8g | Carbs 3.5g



A really quick and simple keto friendly chicken dish; the entire thing is cooked in one pan… This one is perfect for people who like to cook socially as once the main preparation has been completed, there is a fair amount of putting the lid on the pan and waiting; returning every 5-8 minutes to turn of course… Essentially, the cooking happens without much interaction from you.

It’s a pretty heavy dish in terms of calories and for this reason, I’ve put this up as a dinner dish (assuming that you folks consume the majority of your calories at dinner time)… The great this with this is that it can be adjusted with ease, for less protein, just loose the eggs.


Kerrygold Butter – Salted (50g)
2 Large Eggs (Organic)
1 Chicken Leg (Organic)
3 Asparagus
2/3 Garlic Cloves
Himalayan Salt + Pepper (to taste)
Milled Chia Seeds (3-6g)
2-3 Birdseye Chillies (Optional)


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