About Me

What is this all about?
Hi, I’m Mike and I’ve been overweight for almost as long as I can remember… My Mum said I started gaining weight at around 8 years old and it has stayed with me through my teens and into my now adult life… After making key changes in my diet by cutting the sugar and processed foods in favour of proper, home cooked meals; I began to experience positive weight loss, improved health, concentration and generally began to feel better about life.

I initially decided to start video blogging on Youtube and posting photos of my meals on Instagram in at attempt to document, explain and share ketogenic friendly food with as many folks as possible. I hope that by sharing my own struggles and experiences, I can show how healthy, organic cooking can be quick, easy and cost effective when you know what ingredients to buy, and which ingredients to avoid.

I’m now expanding this to a blog in which I plan to upload recipes and cooking instructions of my favourite meals complete with photos, videos and a macronutrient analysis (codenamed “Keto Analysis”) in the hope that it will help others get started.

In addition to this, I have made MyFitnessPal profile public, this means you can track what I eat each day…

Why I want to get in shape
To feel more joy in my life, increase social confidence, get more energy in my life, live a more active and healthy lifestyle (mind and body) and to show people that you can take control of your life, starting with choosing what goes into your body.

My Inspirations
Myself, trying to create a better me is my current goal,
My family, who have wanted to see me get into shape for years,
My future partner, for when that chapter of my life should begin.