Shopping List

Essentially, when you start you want to keep things simple before sexing up your grub, so here is a list I would recommend you keep in your home during the first couple of weeks. Some items (which I will star), will probably stay a regular staple in your diet, but essentially, you will find your own way! I would recommend buying all starred ingredients to begin with!

I have also listed some supplements I recommend you take as these will help flood your body with nutrients and kick start your new lifestyle..Well, with style!

Remember, were trying to go for quality, so you are looking to source the BEST, GRASS-FED & ORGANIC produce possible, this is vitally important for your health!

Try to get as many of these ingredients as possible and feel free to follow my YouTube channel to find recipes, watch me cook or ask me anything online!

*Butter – (Kerry-gold preferred, but if not always organic!)
Ghee – (Try to find a local, organic Ghee if possible)
Dripping (Works great with lamb and beef dishes)
*Avocado – (Get the ripe ones if eating on the day for lunch, these bad boys are packed with health fats, fibre and are high in Vitamin C, B-6 & Magnesium!)
Olive Oil – (great for dripping over lettuce for extra taste)
*Coconut Oil/Butter (Get this from Holland and Barrett)


*Eggs – (Organic, large eggs)
*Fish – (Go for trout, salmon, mackerel, cod or tune is possible, and be sure it’s not messed with, no added flavourings!)
*Meat – (Organic all the way! – Beef/Lamb mince (look for the higher percentages of fat, 20% if possible; lamb naturally is higher in fat and therefore more Keto friendly! Beef steaks (Sirloin is a good choice).
*Poultry – (Get yourself some Chicken, preferably with the skin on!

*Bacon and Sausage – (Yep, go for it, but look at the label on everything! Bacon you can get with virtually no added sugars at all with ease, but be very careful with sausage as there is a lot of additives and flavourings! – It is worth noting that while I do eat bacon and sausage, these meats are heavily processed so try to eat them at a minimal rate, not every day!

Carbohydrates & Veg:  GET ORGANIC!!

*Mushrooms (button if possible!)
*Spring Greens
Bok Choi
Lettuce (Romaine)
*Green Peppers

Seeds & Nuts (For snacking in small qualities)

*Brasil Nuts
Flax Seeds

Drinks & Alcohol
Green Tea (Clipper is good)

If you like alcoholic drinks, be sure it’s dry red wine or spirits without any mixers!

Spices & Herbs

*Himolayan Salt
*Black Pepper
*Cayenne Pepper
*Chili Powder

Flaxseed Oil
Spirulina tabletsChia Seeds (Milled for cooking, or whole for drinking with water)